Purpose of this Blog

Hello readers,

During this past election, I realized just how much I didn’t know politically. Every time I would  bring a topic up, I felt like I ended up in a heated debate with friends and family or I became a target of a sales campaign where I would not be left alone until I was sold on the person’s view.  The truth is, I just wanted to figure out where I stood on topics or at least be able to contribute to a political conversation in a competent manner. So I decided to provide blog to provide you with quick easy  arguments on political issues.

I welcome authors of all political affiliations to give readers insight to help them choose where they stand politically if they are undecided. You will find a variety of writings from right wing, left wing, libertarians, and independents.

In addition to politics, I want to provide a platform where lawyers  can contribute to discussing issues within a legal field. This is open to all forms of law and all topics effecting law.

So whether you want quick easy insight on politics or law to use in your next conversation piece or you are trying to find a starting place to figure out what you would like to research more extensively, ThePoliticalLawyer (blog) is here to help!

Message me about becoming an author on this page.

Happy reading!!

LeslieLawyer J.D.